Posted: 2024-02-22

  • Major UI rework (dockable panels, command palette, hex view, context menus)
  • Search bytes/strings in the packet names or hex view
  • MP4: Add box names/structure from "Apple HEVC Stereo Video Format additions"
  • Print PES details (PTS/DTS/... presence) in the packet name
  • Print TS details (adaptation_field/payload_unit_start/PCR/OPCR/... presence, TS PID) in the packet name
  • Fix st2094_10 user data reading with ext_block_level == 2
  • MP4: Add "rtmd" box name/recognition
  • TS: Add S2_satellite_delivery_system_descriptor support
  • RIFF: names for OpenDML chunks
  • MKV: Fix reading of AVC/HEVC/VVC decoder configs
  • AVC: Improve dec_ref_pic_marking_repetition parsing
  • Extend number of known GUIDs in WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE
  • Recognize more video formats from VIDEOINFOHEADER