Posted: 2023-12-08

  • Support LOAS/LATM AAC wrapping
  • Add FLAC audio support
  • AV1: support 'metadata_obu'
  • AAC: parse the beginning of AAC RAW packet
  • Display 'sei_message' types in the header name for AVC/HEVC/VVC streams
  • Recognize AnnexB streams stored in MP4 containers
  • Improve streams detection algorithm
  • More field descriptions for MPEG 1/2 Audio, AAC, AC-3 headers, MPEG-TS descriptors
  • MPEG-TS: Support DVB 'message_descriptor', "metadata_pointer_descriptor", 'TTML_subtitling_descriptor'
  • AVC: support 'frame_packing_assignment' SEI
  • If (only) the type of the stream is known, display it as "Unknown Video", "Unknown Audio", etc
  • MP4: Improve progress reporting for fragmented files
  • ProRes: Fix parsing of interlaced streams