Posted: 2023-10-04


  • Matroska (MKV), WebM files support
  • MP4: Add 'styp', 'saiz', 'saio', 'pssh', 'tenc','trep', 'dfLa', 'cslg', 'stps', 'sdtp' boxes support
  • MP4: Display track references info ('tref' box)
  • MP4: Display raw data chunks for some unsupported codecs
  • SEI: ST2094-10 data, film_grain_characteristics, alpha_channel_info support
  • SEI: Add support of AVCIntra data sei


  • Improve streams recognition
  • MP4: rework handling of NAL-based streams
  • MP4: Improve performance of raw streams extraction, when there are a lot of small samples
  • MP4: Display names for metadata items as numbered list


  • MP4: Fix Timecode reading
  • PES: Fix usage of tref_extension_flag
  • HEVC: Fix crash on invalid array read
  • RBSP: Fix corner case on reading
  • MP4: Fix 'File Info' binding
  • AVC: Fix mvc_vui_parameters_extension reading