Posted: 2023-09-04


  • Add support of Timed Text ('tx3g', 'text' sample entries) in MP4/MOV files
  • Add basic handling of AC-4 streams ('ac4_syncframe' only) in MP4 & TS files
  • MPEG-TS: Support PSI tables & descriptors from ATSC A/65 standard, recognize all descriptors listed in DVB BlueBook A038r16
  • Add descriptions for 'cc_type' 'active_format', 'video_format' fields
  • Include PES packet type ('audio', 'video', private') to header name
  • Add basic detection of MPEG Program / System Streams
  • MP4/MOV: recognize more 'udta' boxes


  • Improve probe algorithm: better recognition of MP4, small TS files
  • Fix freezing in some cases of H.264 parsing