Posted: 2023-08-03


  • TS: SCTE-35 streams support (commands only, no descriptors yet)
  • SEI: add ATSC cc_data/bar_data/afd_data support in itu35 registered SEI
  • MP4: support various flavours of XDCAM (MPEG-2) video
  • HEVC: time_code SEI support
  • TS: MHP AIT transport_protocol_descriptor support
  • MP4: support simple 'udta' boxes from 3GPP spec
  • MP4: add 'av1C' (AV1CodecConfigurationBox), 'dOps' (OpusSpecificBox), 'dac4' (AC4SpecificBox) boxes support
  • MP4: basic recognition of compressed movie atoms ('cmov', 'dcom', 'cmvd')
  • Visualization: group long list of values into chunks of four items
  • Visualization: print number of bytes in the utf8 string


  • TS: fix tag&length display for MHP AIT descriptors
  • MP4: fix hvcC flags display
  • Fix tables and arrays visualization