Posted: 2023-07-06

Color metadata, fragments, protection boxes in MP4. Updates from 2022 standard for MPEG-TS. SEI + APS for VVC.

  • MP4: Support 'schm', 'sinf', 'schi', 'sgpd' 'sbgp', 'mehd', 'trex', 'sidx', 'mfhd', 'tfhd', 'tfdt', trun', 'mdcv', 'clli', 'cclv' boxes
  • TS: Add new PMT stream_types and descriptors from ISO/IEC 13818-1:2022
  • TS/MP4/AVC/HEVC/VVC: Add enum names for AspectRatio, ChromaFormat, ColourPrimaries, TransferCharacteristics, MatrixCoefficients and HDR_WCG_idc fields, human-friendly descriptions for luminance- and color-related fields
  • TS: Add DOVI_video_stream_descriptor support
  • TS: Recognise SCTE-35 streams, add 'cue_identifier_descriptor' support
  • VVC: Add support for several SEI messages, list names for others
  • VVC: APS header support, picture_header_structure draft
  • HEVC: Add names for Dolby Vision "Unspecified 62" and "Unspecified 63" NAL units
  • SEI: Add Kvazaar, Elemental info from SEI Unregistered messages
  • RBSP reader for AVC/HEVC/VVC: Fix incorrect behavior in some corner cases