Introducing Scroll Jog

Posted: 2023-06-17

Navigating through long lists of headers is a common task in media analysis, and the scrolling functionality plays a important role in how users interact with the content. To address this need, we introduce a new UI component called "Scroll Jog", offering users the ability to scroll through media headers at a customized and constant speed. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of Scroll Jog and its potential to enhance the user experience.

Scroll Jog is a new UI component designed to empower users in scrolling through long lists of media headers at a constant speed of their choice. By selecting from a range of speed options, users can tailor the scrolling behavior to suit their preferences and analysis needs, enabling more effective navigation.

Scroll Jog demo

Scroll Jog allows users to personalize their scrolling experience by selecting a speed that matches their preferred analysis workflow. Whether users require a slower pace for detailed examination or a faster speed for rapid content scanning, Scroll Jog accommodates their individual preferences, optimizing their efficiency in video analysis tasks.

Try it yourself! Locate the scroll handle, situated in the middle of the Scroll Jog, which is slightly to the left of the center of the "traditional scroll bar". As you move the handle away from the center, the scrolling speed will increase. Find the perfect balance between speed and readability, and see how Scroll Jog can transform your browsing experience.

You can utilize the top and bottom sections of the Scroll Jog to swiftly navigate to either the start or the end of the file.

Scroll Jog demo