Posted: 2023-06-05

Detection of some unsupported formats to avoid representing them as 'broken' elementary streams, long-scroll helper element, few small improvements & fixes

  • Basic detection of RIFF (*.avi and *.wav), EBML (Matroska, WebM), MXF files
  • QT timecode tracks support
  • MVC-related boxes and NAL units
  • QuickTime: basic support for mebx (QT "Timed metadata") atoms
  • Scroll Jog control to be able to scroll the list with constant (adjustable) speed
  • Navigation Bar: Support negative values of file position and item indexes
  • SEI: Display x264, x265, ATEME info from SEI unregistered, recognize MDPM info presence
  • AVC: Fix scaling list parsing
  • RBSP: Fix incorrect data reading in some edge cases causing incorrect reading of some AVC/HEVC/VVC headers
  • HEVC: Fix short-term ref pics set parsing